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Is use of Java APIs by Google Fair Use?

The featured image shows the logo of google. To read more on the google versus oracle dispute click here.

In 2010, Oracle sued Google for copying 37 Java packages, 8 specialized Java security packages, and a routine called “rangeCheck" in its Android operating system. Oracle claimed in the suit that Google is liable for infringing two of its patents in the software and that Google is also liable for copyright infringement for literally copying the code. The suit was filed in a California District Court. Oracle claimed damages to the tune of nine billion dollars in the suit. After a jury trial, the District Court held that Google was not liable for infringing Oracle's patents. However, on the copyright count, the...

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National IPR Policy – Copyright Related Objectives

The featured image shows the first page of the National IPR Policy document. To read more about the National IPR Policy, click here

On the 13th May 2016, the much anticipated National IPR Policy was released which aims to lay down a system of growth for intellectual property rights (IPRs) in India by ensuring the protection of new innovations ,research and development while establishing a stable framework in the country for the domestic and foreign investors alike. Though the salient features of the IPR Policy have been explained in detail in our previous post, the core objectives of the Policy are highlighted below for the easy reference of the readers: To create public awareness about the economic, social and cultural benefits of IPRs among...

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Complaint against Crowdfunded Star Trek Film Prevails

The featured imnage is of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner as Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk from the television program Star Trek. The post is about a copyright issue with Star Trek. To read more click here.

By virtue of being the owner of a movie,the producer (or his licensee) as a sole proprietor or the right holders have exclusive rights to use the trademarks, copyright and any Intellectual Property contained in a motion picture, in any manner whatsoever, including the right to reproduce, make derivative works, distribute, perform or right to publicly display the work.  These intellectual Properties in a movie includes, but is not limited to names, photographs, the specific characters, likeness, titles, artworks/images/stills/posters, dialogues etc. Therefore, any use of right holder’s intellectual property, in any manner whatsoever, requires prior permission and consent from the...

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UMG Recordings, Inc. v. Global Eagle Entertainment Inc.

The image is of in flight entertainment where Global Eagle Entertainment was sued for copyright infringement. To read more click here.

IP Kat recently reported a summary judgement granted in a copyright infringement case involving various record companies and music publishers and an in flight entertainment provider. A motion for summary judgment was brought by various record companies and music publishers which included UMG Recordings, Inc. (“UMG”), Capitol Records, LLC (“EMI”) and Universal Music Publishing Group (“UMPG”) alleging copyright infringement of sound recording, copyright infringement of musical compositions, amongst other assertions against the defendant In-flight Productions (IFP) and parent company Global Eagle Entertainment, Inc, a worldwide provider of in-flight entertainment from movies to songs. Plaintiffs, the exclusive copyright owners of works including...

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IP for Start-ups : A Presentation by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala at CII Hyderabad

The following presentation was delivered by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala at the one day Seminar on ‘IPR Management for Startups in Electronics and ICT Sectors’ on 6th May 2016, in Hyderabad, organized by Andhra Pradesh Technology Development & Promotion Centre (APTDC) of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in association with Department of Electronics and IT (DeitY). Participants of the seminar included Budding Entrepreneurs, Managers/Executives in Startups and Professionals in various functional areas of Startups such as Research & Development, Marketing, Brand Management, Business Development, Directors, Design, Legal and IP departments who seek to integrate IP strategy into the Business Management...

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I got (NO) power-IPRS restrained from issuing licenses by Delhi HC

The image says NON (non in french) written on a hand painted red. The article is about IPRS non longer being a copyright society. To read more click here.

  Not too long ago, the Delhi High Court meted out a very important decision with respect to the status of IPRS as a copyright society.  The suit was filed by Mrs Chitra Jagjit Singh (Plaintiff), wife of the late artist Mr Jagjit Singh and a popular artist herself, against IPRS (Defendant 1) for wrongfully issuing licenses with respect to her and her late husband’s copyrighted works. It was pleaded by the Plaintiff that IPRS was no longer a copyright society, for which it presented a letter addressed to the Govt. of India by IPRS denying its copyright society status, within the...

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Copyright Pirates! BREIN is coming for you!

The featured image shows the cartoon of a Pirate. This post is about the Pirate bay company being sued for copyright infringement. To read more click here.

  Well we’re all aware how heinous a crime piracy is and how every year the entertainment industry suffers a loss of millions of dollars due to it. For more than a decade anti-piracy organizations have been targeting pirate websites to curb instances of piracy. One such organization is BREIN (Bescherming Rechten Entertainment Industrie Nederland, which roughly translates to association for the Protection of the Rights of the Entertainment Industry of the Netherlands), a Dutch organization which has been an active member of this crusade against piracy. BREIN, known to be the force behind the discontinuation of websites like ShareConnector, is now...

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Providers of free Wi-Fi free from copyright liability

The featured image is of the Free wi-fi symbol as the post is about copyright liability of shop or hotel operators for giving free wi-fi. To read more click here.

  Last Wednesday, IP Kat had reported about an interesting opinion given by the Advocate General Szpunar in the case of Tobias Mc Fadden v Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH, C-484/14 which states that the Operator of a shop, hotel or bar who offers a password free Wi-Fi network are not liable for copyright infringement committed by users of that network. In the instant case Tobias Mc Fadden operated a business of lights and sound systems near Munich that provides a free Wi-Fi network to all customers who visits his office premises. In 2010, Sony filed a petition before the Regional Court,...

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Lionsgate v. Ameritrade: A classic case of copyright claims dressed in TM claims’ clothing

Spoofs have had a long history of getting into trouble. So it’s no surprise that when brokerage giant TD Ameritrade tried to put a cheeky spin on the iconic line “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”, Lionsgate was not so forgiving. We had initially covered the matter , back in July, 2015 when Lionsgate filed an infringement suit against Ameritrade in Los Angeles. Just to jog your memory and for our younger readers, who might not be familiar with the film in question, Dirty Dancing was a 1987 American romantic drama starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Liongate Entertainment Corporation (or Lionsgate) is the Canadian–American entertainment company...

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Copyright Board to be constituted soon……or not so soon?

the image is of the copyright sign as the post is about dispute over the constitution of the copyright board. To read more click here.

The Copyright Board, a quasi-judicial body, is constituted under the provisions of the Copyright (Amendment)Act, 2012 and Copyright Rules , where applicable. The jurisdiction of the Copyright Board extends to the whole of India. The Board under the Act is entrusted with the task of adjudication of disputes pertaining to copyright registration, assignment of copyright, grant of licenses in respect of works withheld from public, unpublished Indian works, production and publication of translations and works for certain specified purposes, determination of rate of royalties payable and other miscellaneous matters instituted before it under the Copyright (Amendment) Act, 2012. The Copyright...

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