BananaIP’s corporate training for Inventors and R&D personnel

BananaIP conducted a customized corporate IP training program for inventors on 23rd August . The schedule of the training program was as follows.

S.No Topic Particulars
1. Inventing and IP Protection – how does the game work? Providing inventors an understanding of the interface between the inventing and IP/ Patent process and related outcomes.
2. The role of the inventor in the patent system. Role played by an inventor in a company in the context of the patent system.
3. Thinking about patentable inventions. Providing inventors with the tools required to come up with inventions that are patentable and beneficial. The session will focus on patentability requirements and analysis of inventions for patentability.
4. Getting patents – how does it help? Providing insights on the patent process and the value of acquiring patents to the company and the inventors.
5. Working around inventions and technology that is patented – What you can do? Providing an insight into risks from patents to the company’s products and strategies for inventors to work around them. The focus of the session will be on Infringement and FTO Analysis.

and the presentations are available below.
Presentation for Session 1

Presentation for Session 2

Presentations for Session 3

Presentation for Session 4

Presentation for Session 5


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