With the onset of COVID 19 and the extended lockdown, artists, singers, dancers, actors and performers have rapidly adopted online options to reach their audiences.  If you are providing web based classes or are giving live and recorded performance online, have you taken the necessary measures to protect your intellectual property?
There are several laws and regulations that apply to your intellectual creations, from copyrights and trademarks, to cyber laws.  There are also elevated concerns at this time due to the increased misuse and infringement online by people looking to illegally benefit from others’ songs, choreography, films, and performances.  Online platforms that you choose to reach your audiences will also have their own terms and policies that can impact your rights and also your ability to reach your audience.   Given the circumstances, it is time to get savy and be in the know about protecting and leveraging your intellectual assets as an artist online.
During the COVID19 pandemic, BananaIP Counsels, one of India’s leading intellectual property firms, well known for it’s entertainment, e-commerce, data protection and tech law expertise, is offering artists free consultation and advisory on the intricacies of protecting and monetizing their intellectual property online.  Reach out to us today by filling the form below.

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