43% more patents granted this week, total patents issued till date near 19k

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This week’s Patent & Design data has been compiled from the Official Journal of the Patents and Designs published by the patent office on the 18th of September 2020. These statistics are presented to you by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s leading Intellectual Property Firm.


A total of 1,666 patent applications have been published in the 38th issue of the Patent Journal, 2020. Out of the 1,666 applications published in the journal, 171 applications account for early publications while 1,495 applications account for ordinary publications or publications occurring after the 18 – month period. A total of 569 applications have been granted last week as compared to 396 grants in the week preceding the last thereby marking a increase of about 43.69%

Early Publications

City Previous Week This Week Percentage of change
Delhi 24 51 112.5% increase
Mumbai 53 58 9.43% increase
Chennai 105 50 52.38% decrease
Kolkata 1 12 1100% increase
Total 183 171 6.56% decrease

Ordinary Publications

City Previous Week This Week Percentage of change
Delhi 1,039 721 30.61% decrease
Mumbai 133 179 34.59% increase
Chennai 368 439 19.29% increase
Kolkata 34 156 358.82% increase
Total 1,574 1,495 5.02% decrease

TOTAL PUBLICATIONS (Previous Week): 1,757