Valentines Day Gifts (Love Patents VIII): The Big Day

It’s the Valentine’s day and many of you might be putting best efforts to impress your partner or partner-to-be. You might have realized the role of effective communication in relationships. What you communicate and the way you communicate can really make an impact and can make someone fall in love with you. As the technology has evolved, there are variety of options for people to communicate each other, which includes audio and/video conferencing mechanisms as well. However, no matter how progressed the world is, no technology can steal the place of good old greeting cards, especially the one which has a handwritten message on it. Visit any good gift shop and you can still see plenty of greeting cards suited for this occasion.

Though the beautiful lines you compose in addition to the standard message in the card may be sufficient enough to impress your partner, why not take an extra leap for the love of your life! If you are wondering how to do it, here is a patent that might give you an interesting idea.

US6024386, titled ‘Aroma-generating greeting card’ discloses a greeting card that can carry not just words, but scent as well. These diagrams can speak for themselves:

 valentines 7

In addition to a front panel on which the greeting can be printed, the card claimed herein comprises of a gas-barrier bag containing a fragrance reservoir in which the fragrance is stored, and a removable sticker removal of which results in discharge of an aroma. It’s scientifically proven that scent can affect a person’s mood. While certain scents can induce calmness, certain other scents can lift your mood and give you a sense of happiness. So even if your partner is in a bad mood while he/she receives the card, the fragrance will lift the mood and can ensure best results.

Let me wind up with a special tip for our beloved readers. While information pertaining to effect of different scents on mood of a person can be found online, using your partner’s most favorite scent can add value to your efforts. Thank me later 🙂

Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and all success in your efforts!

Authored by Naveen KM.

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