IP in Everyday Life – Godrej Tribolt

First Publication Date: 27th May 2010

I noticed this Godrej Tribolt lock (which can be seen below)
carrying prominent notices about the Intellectual Property related to it (seen below)
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The above notice is an example of a good patent notice, in that it complies with S.111(1) of the Indian Patent Act, 1970, which reads as
In a suit for infringement of a patent, damages or an account of profits shall not be granted against the defendant who proves that at the date of the infringement he was not aware and had no reasonable grounds for believing that the patent existed.
A person shall not be deemed to have been aware or to have had reasonable grounds for believing that a patent exists by reason only of the application to an article of the word ‘patent’, ‘patented’ or any word or words expressing or implying that a patent had been obtained for the article unless the number of the patent accompanies the word or words in question.
The abstract of the patent listed above, 204172 is present below
Application: 706/MUM/2000
Filed on 2000-07-27
Publication date 2006-06-16
Abstract: A Tribolt Locking System for a door-lock consisting of the said Deadbolt (5) is provided with deadbolt knob (9) inserted from top surface of body (1) along with guide bush (10) and nylon washer (11) which locates & guides dead bolt; said deadbolt knob (9) also hold deadbolt follower (13) to operates deadbolt (12) alongwith deadbolt head (5); the said deadbolt head (5) is guided in the flange (30 through the slots provided; the said deadbolt plate provided with a special solt in which follower pin (14) moves which is intrigaly connected to the followers; the said deadbolt plate (12) and follower (130 inserted on the knob spindle and retained by the external circlip (16); the said deadbolt knob (9) has step on its spindle at the opposing end to provide bearing & support on the back cover (17); a deadbolt springs (19) anchor in the deadbolt plate (12) and inner plate (8) to provide a firm lockings in its extended & retracted position of the deadbolt (5); the follower retain spring in anchored on follower springs rivet and threaded stud riveted on inner plate.
Classification: E05B 59/04
A search for the patent mentioned on the lock 204172 on the Indian Patent Office website points to a different patent, with the same application number. However, a search on Big Patents results in obtaining the above information, but if you click on the link to view the patent at the IPO website, it points once again to the wrong patent. Puzzling?
The documents related to the design registration mentioned above, 190398, are not available online, as the Design Office is yet to make available the design documents online.
Image source: Nitin Nair, Flickr

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