Gawker Media Sued By Dr. Phil; U.S. ‘Six-Strikes’ Policy Company loses its Status; and more

This post was first published on 20th May, 2013

Gawker media gets sued by Dr. Phil for copyright infringement

Dr. Phil sued Gawker media for copyright infringement when a part of his exclusive interview with Ronaiah Tuiasosopo was shown in another show by Gawker media. Claiming to have misappropriated and stolen a part of the show, the aggrieved Peteski productions of Dr. Phil sued Gawker media for infringement.
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The company that supervises the US ‘Six-Strikes’ Policy loses its status as a ‘Company’

The Center for Copyright Information, a company that was established to oversee and supervise the US ‘Six-Strikes’ policy lost its status as a ‘Company’ shortly after it failed to file government paperwork and faces fines for non payment of fees. Though its status was revoked, they have claimed that once clearing due fines and paperwork, they would be back.
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International Trade Commission upholds copyright infringement claim filed by Twin-Star International

It was recently announced that the company Twin-Star International’s copyright infringement claim was upheld by the International Trade Commission who seemed to have granted a limited exclusion order barring the import of all infringing products by Shenzhen Reliap Industrial Co. after an investigation was conducted.
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