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International Patent Filing Services

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BananaIP offers International Patent filing services, which include Direct foreign filing, PCT filing, Convention Filing and National Phase filing. A patent application may be filed in a foreign country through three routes namely Direct filing route, Convention filing route and PCT filing route.


Having filed thousands of foreign applications across the globe, BananaIP has formed a huge network of trusted associates across 150 countries. Furthermore, Banana IP’s highly skilled patent prosecution team with both technology and law expertise have been instrumental in providing cost effective prosecution services for patents filed across the globe.


A direct filing refers to the filing of a patent application in a specific country(ies) directly without claiming any priority. For example, if you want to file a patent application in US and Australia, you may do so by directly filing the application in these countries. The date of filing will however be the date on which the applications were filed in the respective countries.


A convention filing or filing under Paris convention refers to an application which claims the priority of another application filed in one or more of the convention countries. After filing a priority application, applicants have up to 12 months to file directly into the foreign countries where they are seeking protection. The Paris Convention has a total of 177 Contracting parties.


By filing one international patent application under the PCT, applicants can simultaneously seek protection for an invention in 152 countries throughout the world. PCT gives 30 to 31 months time to enter into various countries from the priority date or international filing date, whichever is earlier. Thus, the PCT route gives the inventor more time to assess the commercial viability of his/her invention. This is often helpful when the applicant is either unsure of the market potential of the invention or wants more time to understand the global markets. It is important to note that filing a PCT application does not per se result in the grant of a patent. The grant of patent is a prerogative of each national or regional authority.

How we help you

  1. You inform us of the countries that you want to file your patent application in.
  2. We provide you with the best price quote
  3. On your confirmation, our network associates file the application in their respective countries
  4. We assist you at every step thereafter and help you keep track of your patent application.

Why choose us?

  • Experience of filing 1000+ foreign applications
  • High quality and cost effective patent prosecution service
  • Highly competitive pricing & flat rates
  • Large network of associates
  • Wide technology area coverage
  • Equipped with proprietary AI driven tools to manage your patent applications
  • Quick turn-around time
  • Opportunity to track your patent application in real time

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