14th February, 2020

for Writers, Novelists, and Publishers

With the emergence of novel and innovative publishing models, authors, writers and novelists have the choice of numerous publication options. They no longer need to wait for a nod from a publisher, whose considerations are often not limited to the quality of their literary work.

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The session will be led by leading and experienced Copyright law attorneys at BananaIP Counsels.

Dr. Kalyan Kankanala

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

Senior Partner

Ashwini Arun

Ashwini Arun

Senior IP Associate

Copyrights for Writers, Novelists, and Publishers

Copyright protection can help authors protect their writings appropriately, stop unauthorised publication and distribution, and safeguard the commercial value of their work. This two hour session specially designed for authors, writers, novelists and independent publishers provides a primer on copyright protection and nuances of publication.

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