Intellectual Property (IP) Through Stories

Storytelling Based Corporate IP Training and Knowledge Development Program

“You may forget a concept or a principle, but you will never forget a well told story.”

BananaIP Counsels offers story based intellectual property training and knowledge development programs for corporates and businesses. Unlike the standard IP training programs, which are typically delivered through talks, presentations and cases, BIP’s ‘IP through Stories’ Program teaches IP concepts and skills through creative and interactive storytelling. Program participants learn basic and advanced concepts of IP through entertaining, educative and imaginative stories told by some of the leading experts in the field.

Over the years, BIP’s Team of experts and Trainers have taught more than ten thousand corporates at different levels in the organization structure from CEOs to Fresh Recruits. The ‘IP through Stories’ Program takes that experience a step forward by integrating innovative IP teaching techniques with storytelling.

IP Awareness and Knowledge Development

This program is useful for any company seeking to build an IP culture and hygiene among its employees. In addition to spreading IP awareness and knowledge among employees, the program can also be effectively used to teach and develop specific skills to identify, protect, manage and commercialize IP of the company.

Process and Steps

The IP through Stories Program will broadly include the following steps:

  • Understanding of the company’s IP training requirements;
  • Devising a training program with specific sessions;
  • Developing stories to teach IP in the context of the company’s business goals; and
  • Storytelling at the company’s premises, or at a   resort, hotel, and/or other chosen locations.

Time of the Program

A company may decide the length of the program to suit its needs. BIP has earlier delivered programs ranging from one hour to one week.

Target Participants

The program is suitable for:

  • People with limited or no IP knowledge such as engineers, scientists, writers;
  • IP Professionals seeking advanced skills; and
  • Students/Beginners.


The program will be offered by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala and his team. Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala is a renowned IP Attorney, Professor and Novelist. He is also a certified storyteller from Kathalaya Academy.

Request for IP through Stories

You may write to us if you are interested in organizing a program at your company: [email protected] (Subject: IP through Stories).

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