Intellectual Property (IP) News Portal for the Blind


An intellectual property (IP) news portal has been launched for the benefit of the blind and visually disabled users. The portal aggregates IP news from more than eighty sources, categorizes them, and makes them accessible in a simple format. The sources of the news range from leading blogs such as Spicy IP and IP Kat to Government Websites such as Indian IP Office, USPTO and so on. The portal may be accessed at

The portal was launched by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala with the support of the Cane Foundation, a charitable trust formed to assist the disabled.

Speaking about the portal, Dr. Kalyan said, “Easy and quick access to information is the key for success in today’s competitive environment. While most materials are not accessible, even accessible information is not easy to get to and read quickly. The time a blind person takes to perform research and update himself on a subject is at least three times more than a sighted person. Reducing that time by even one third can make a big difference, and is aimed at doing just that.

Any visually disabled person can now access IP news and updates comparatively much easily and quickly than earlier. If all goes as planned, we hope to launch access friendly iOS and Android Apps shortly.”

The portal may be accessed at

The news portal is very neat and simple. It has the perfect aesthetic for anyone who visits the portal. The articles are quite well placed into different IP categories such as Copyrights, Design Patents, General IP, Media & Entertainment law, Patents, Trade secrets and Trademarks. Each of these categories contains a feed of the latest articles and blogs from various IP News Portals, Blogs and websites. The Portal also provides the user with direct access to some of the main IP portals and website such as those of the DIPP, ipindia, USPTO, Copyright office, EUIPO, to name a few. Users can also access the websites of different IP Courts such as the IPAB, General Court, Court of Justice, etc. The blog is certainly an appreciable initiative by the Cane foundation in helping bring the latest news to the visually disabled.

About Cane Foundation:

Founded with a generous contribution from Professor Ramakrishna, the Cane Foundation aims to fight disability in all forms. The Foundation is currently focusing on creating an amicable environment for the visually disabled. The foundation seeks to start the process of helping people see the true meaning of support; establishing a virtual library for enabling access to books; promoting technology development for the visually disabled; and initiating support to facilitate freedom of movement amongst others


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