IP for Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

  • Opinion/Report on IP and patent Scenario in a business area
  • Strategic patent and IP Protection
  • Planning IP steps and patent strategy
  • Patent filing in India, USA, PCT and internationally/other IP Filings in India and across the world
  • FTO Analysis and IP Risk Clearance
  • IP Agreements and Legal Documents
  • Strategic Alliances
  • IP and patent License Negotiation and Drafting
  • IP and Patent Portfolio Development

Intellectual Property (IP) is an invaluable business tool for a start-up, or an entrepreneur. It provides several advantages to kick-start one’s business. For most start-ups/entrepreneurs, IP is sometimes the only tool that can give them business/competitive advantage in the marketplace. By using the exclusivity offered by IP, a start-up can get a head start in business and generate revenues.

Having said that, a start-up cannot avail the said advantages by merely creating intellectual assets. An invention or creation of an entrepreneur has value only if it is properly protected and safeguarded. Unprotected IP is considered to be in the public domain, free for all to use, and economic strength, presence in the market, etc, supersede a start-up’s business future. In addition to protecting its Patents and other forms of IP, a start-up must also know how to use such Patents and other forms of IP for its business benefit.

BananaIP offers value added patent services and other IP services to start-ups and entrepreneurs.  Having worked with more than a hundred start-ups and filed numerous patents and other forms IP, our patent and IP attorneys understand the resource constraints and challenges faced by an entrepreneur and are adept at devising strategies that maximize IP and patent value. BananaIP, formerly Brain League, incubated out of NSRCEL, IIMB’S entrepreneurship cell, and endeavors to help clients avoid start-up troubles it had gone through.

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Why BananaIP ?

BananaIP, formerly Brain League, incubated out of IIM, Bangalore’s entrepreneurship cell and understands issues facing start-ups very well;

  • The firm has worked with more than hundred start-ups, and has helped them use IP for business advantage effectively and efficiently;
  • BananaIP’s team of attorneys, agents and advisers are among the leaders in the field of IP/Patents, and carry with them experience, expertise and foresight to help a start-up realize business value from its IP;
  • BananaIP offers high discounts and specially designed engagement models to work with start-ups;
  • The firm works closely with entrepreneurs and helps start-ups succeed; and
  • The firm offers end to end solutions, and will be the one stop shop for a start-up’s IP needs.

Free IP Consultation

BananaIP offers free consultation to interested start-ups and entrepreneurs. Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, BananaIP’s Managing Partner, and a leading expert in the field, will be available for a discussion over the phone, or direct meeting between 6PM to 8PM on all working days. Dr. Kalyan has helped many start-ups succeed, and you may fix an appointment for a free half hour consultation by visiting the link below.

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 Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala’s ebook, IP For Start-ups

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala’s ebook, IP For Start-ups

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala’s ebook, IP For Start-ups

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