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IP for E-Commerce, Online & Mobile Businesses

BananaIP Counsels > IP for E-Commerce, Online & Mobile Businesses

BIP offers the following services for e-Commerce, online and mobile businesses:


  • IP Filing and Registration
    • Patent Filing and Registration
    • Trademark Filing and Registration
    • Copyright Registration
    • Industrial Design/Design Patent Registration
  • IP Identification
  • IP Agreements and Legal Documents
    • NDAs
    • Service Agreements
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Privacy Policy
    • User Agreements
    • Take Down Policy and Process
  • IP Risk Clearance
  • IP Portfolio Development and Management
  • IP Enforcement
    • Online Piracy Control and Management
    • Piracy Monitoring and Reporting
    • Take Down Notices/Legal Notices
    • Litigation Support and Management
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Settlements
  • Strategic IP Opinions and Reports
  • IP Consultation and Advice

Intellectual Property (IP) is an important business tool for e-Commerce, online and mobile businesses. e-Commerce portals, aggregators, marketplaces, content distributors, mobile applications and other online/mobile businesses generate valuable IP, which can be used effectively for gaining both a business and competitive advantage, if you take appropriate steps. In addition to capitalizing on IP, online and mobile businesses also need to ensure their activities are not subject to IP risks, which have the danger of killing or slowing a business.


Over the last decade, BIP’s team of highly qualified and experienced IP/Patent attorneys have helped several e-Commerce, online and mobile businesses in India and across the world protect and utilize IP/Patents for business benefit. Opinions and reports provided by BIP’s team of IP/Patent experts have helped companies make business decisions, clear IP risks, comply with IP laws, and establish IP/Patent policies. Our IP/Patent attorneys have also helped many clients build strong IP/Patent portfolios, which,  have assumed very high financial valuation, and many have been acquired at lucrative values.


In addition to helping e-Commerce, online and mobile businesses identify, protect, manage and commercialize their IP, BIP’s attorneys and agents also help prepare online terms and conditions, privacy policies, take down policies, user agreements and other legal instruments essential for running these businesses. Our team of IP and patent experts help clients strike deals, establish partnerships and build strategic alliances through agreement drafting/review, participation in negotiations and strategic inputs.


Enforcing rights is one of the key steps in retaining a business and competitive advantage in the online and mobile marketplace. BIP’s attorneys help clients enforce their IP rights through take down notices, online privacy management, piracy monitoring, dispute resolution, litigation management and other services.

BIP hosts an experienced and highly qualified team of patent attorneys, agents and technologists, who have performed thousands of patent searches for their clients

Why BananaIP Counsels ?

BananaIP’s team of IP/Patent attorneys are among the leaders in the field, and have helped several e-Commerce, online and mobile businesses succeed;


  • The firm’s IP/Patent experts have the experience of working with numerous e-Commerce, online and mobile businesses;
  • Some of BananaIP’s team members run their own e-Commerce, aggregation, and marketplaces online, and are keenly aware of the dynamics of such businesses;
  • Being a premier digital IP firm in India, BananaIP is aware of developing technologies and business dynamics that influence e-Commerce, online and mobile businesses; and
  • BananaIP has helped many businesses in India, the USA and across the world gain huge financial value from their IP/Patent assets.

Areas of Expertise

what we are best at
  • Patent Services
  • Trade mark Services
  • Entertainment Law
  • E-commerce Law
  • IP Consulting
  • Corporate Training


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