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Intellectual Property FAQ’s

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Intellectual Property FAQ’s



Patent drafting is a process of preparing a document that can be filed in a patent office. The document is a techno-legal description of the invention. The description in the document will be in compliance with the patent law of a particular country in which it is filed. The depth of the description in the document will be such that a person, who has sufficient knowledge in the field to which the invention relates, will be able to practice the invention without undue experimentation.

Category: Patents

A patent expert is needed for patent drafting because efficient patent drafting requires in depth understanding of both technical domain and legal principles. Generally an inventor may be well versed with the technology but may not understand the legal principles very well. It is advisable to take help of patent agents who specialize in that area of technology to which the invention belongs.

Category: Patents

The best person to draft a patent would be a person who has a blend of technical and legal knowledge. The technical knowledge enables him to understand the invention, while his legal knowledge enables him to draft the patent, keeping in mind the current legal framework.

Category: Patents

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