Industrial Designs for Automobile Industry in India- A Presentation by Mr. Sarthak Saran

This presentation was delivered by Sarthak Saran as a part of the course for senior management and IP Officers in the automobile industry. The presentation covers:

  1. Industrial Design definition
  2. Industrial design registration process in India
  3. Industrial design infringement relating to automobile industry
  4. Industrial design protection strategy relating to automobile industry
  5. Industrial design registration survey report related to automobile industry

Through this presentation, Mr. Sarthak  Saran introduced the participants to the concept of designs in the automobile industry. He discussed the procedure to be undertaken to file a design application in India. The participants were made aware with respect to the procedures involved in registering a design and the term of protection offered by the grant of a design application. He also briefed the participating officers and management on the invalidation of designs and the circumstances under which a design is considered  to be invalid.

Further, by providing the statistics of the designs applications filed by the automobile companies in the previous years, Mr. Sarthak provided suggestions to the participants on how to best devise strategies and protect their designs.

About Sarthak Saran

Sarthak is an Associate partener at Banana IP counsels, India’s leading new age IP firm. He manages the Trade Marks, Copyrights and Designs divisions of the firm. He specializes in helping clients file, prosecute and register trade marks, copyrights and industrial designs. Sarthak also oversees, manages and supports litigation, dispute resolution and IP enforcement activities.


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