How to increase your company’s Patent filings quickly?

How to increase your company's Patent filings quickly?

A company’s patent portfolio is a key indicator of its technological strength and competitiveness. A strong patent portfolio can give a company a competitive edge in the marketplace, deter would-be competitors, and generate revenue through licensing and enforcement.

There are a number of strategies that companies can use to increase the number of patents they file. Here are a few:

Make patent filing a priority

The first step is to make patent filing a priority for the company. This means setting aside time and resources to file patents on a regular basis. The company should also establish clear goals for its patent filing program.

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Identify key technologies

The company should identify the technologies that are most important to its business and make sure that patents are filed on these technologies. This can be done by conducting a technology audit or working with a patent attorney to identify key technologies.

Implement a patent strategy

Once key technologies have been identified, the company should implement a patent strategy. This strategy should include a plan for how and when patents will be filed on the key technologies. The strategy should also include a budget for the patent filing program.

Train employees in patent law

It is important that employees responsible for filing patents understand the basics of patent law. Employees should be trained on how to conduct a patent search, how to draft a patent application, and how to respond to office actions from the patent office.

Work with a patent attorney

Working with a patent attorney can be a great way to increase the number of patents a company files. Patent attorneys can help identify key technologies, conduct patent searches, and draft patent applications.

File international patents

Companies that do business in multiple countries should consider filing international patents. International patents provide protection for a company’s products and services in multiple countries.

By following these tips, companies can increase the number of patents they file and build a strong patent portfolio.

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