Get Dressed Up for Yoga Day: Patented Yoga Products

Yoga day is the next cool thing in June this year. How about buying some patented products to celebrate this big day? Here are your options:

Yoga meditation/savasana robe (US 20140082818 A1) :
This invention is a garment for yoga practitioners during the final relaxation stage and/or during meditation and also for people who do not practice yoga, but, want to begin meditation or meditate more often or more intently and intensely.

Yoga pants with padded knees (US 20090293167 A1) :
This invention relates to yoga pants with built in strategically positioned pads to protect the knees while practicing yoga postures (positions) that require knee to floor contact. The original invention is designed to facilitate comfort, warmth and ease of movement during yoga practice

Yoga sandal (US 20040261289 A1):

Yoga Sandal comprising: a sole portion, an elastic foot covering portion and a rear strap portion Said sole portion being flexible, thin and having a non slip surface at its bottom that makes contact with the floor. Postures and exercises associated with doing yoga or dance exercise is restricted to the area of the sticky mat which is a rather narrow, confining amount of space. Additionally, the person in need of arch support is unable to obtain such support because the type of exercises being done require bare feet.

Hand and foot yoga garments with enhanced positional stability and comfort (US 20110099676 A1) :

Yoga hand and foot garments as wraps, as gloves and as socks, and newly conceived, hand and foot wraps possessing unique features that enhance the yoga experience (1) by notably maximizing stable yoga positioning in comparison with the stabilizing performances of conventional hand and foot yoga garments, while at the same time (2) significantly minimizing certain discomfort difficulties that are sometimes experienced with normal other hand and foot garments.

Yoga Towel (US 20140178664 A1):
The invention provides a hot yoga towel that provides a cushioned, water absorbing top side layer and an underlying water impermeable bottom side layer. During the practice of hot yoga, the athlete’s perspiration is absorbed into the top side layer and prevented from penetrating through to the underlying floor by the water impermeable bottom side layer. additionally, the bottom side layer of the yoga towel provides an increased grip on the underlying floor and causes the yoga towel to stay flat during exercise.

So now you know your options…..head to celebrate yoga day with these cool patented products…. Have fun!! Happy yoga to you!!!

Contributed by Ashima Sobti

Image source/Attribution- here, governed by Creative Commons License CC0 1.0