IP Filings for Dance Companies, Music Bands and Performing Artists

BananaIP is happy to announce the Program for Performing Arts, an initiative aimed at helping dance companies, music bands, drama companies, singers and performing artists protect, manage and commercialize their creative work. The Program has three primary goals:

  • Build IP Knowledge and Culture among Performing Artists;
  • Protect, Manage and Commercialize creative work of artists and companies; and
  • Mitigate IP risks for performances and related commercialization, licensing and merchandizing activities.

Towards the said goals, BananaIP’s attorneys will work closely with select performing arts companies and artists, and help them move up the IP value chain.

Free Copyright and Trade Mark Filings

The program, will provide free copyright and trade mark filing support for select dance companies, music bands, drama companies and performers. One company or performer/artist will be selected every week for the said filing. The free filing support will include:

  • Search and Opinion on trade mark protectability;
  • Inputs on strategy for copyright and/or trade mark filing;
  • Filing of a Copyright or Trade Mark application; and
  • Support until copyright/trade mark registration.

Note: BananaIP’s attorneys will charge no professional fee for the said support. Applicable Government Fee must however be paid by the  company/performer.
Any dance company, music band, drama company or performer interested can make an application by submitting a simple online application form. The Team will shortlist eligible performing artists based on the following criteria:

  • Background of the company, performer, or artist;
  • Creative work   of the company or performer so far; and
  • Future plans and potential for contribution to performing arts.

Apply for the Free Copyright and/or Trade Mark Filing Support – Click Here

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