Domain Name Disputes

Domain Name and Corporate Page Disputes Services

Domain Names are today not just identifiers of business; they are important sources of business and brands by themselves. Several companies derive their entire business from their domains and websites, and when a domain name is used as a source identifier of a business, good or service, it acquires the status and protection of a trade mark. Owing to the value domain names and corporate pages hold for businesses, it is not only important for companies to hold domains relating to their business, but also very important to stop competitors and other third parties from holding their domain names and gaining advantage or profiting from such domain names.

BananaIP offers services to help clients acquire their domain names and corporate pages from competitors and other third parties, who hold them wrongfully. Over the last fifteen years, BananaIP’s Attorneys have helped several large and small companies as well as individuals secure rights over their domain names and corporate pages through take down actions, legal notices, and communications with wrongful holders, dispute resolution processes, and settlement agreements. Some of BananaIP’s clients, who have benefited from these services include PEPS Industries, Navi Mumbai International Airport, Emerson and so on.

Our Services:

  • Domain name Protection services
  • Brand Protection services
  • Anti Piracy Solutions
  • Copyright Enforcement Services
  • Trade mark Enforcement Services
  • Design Protection Services
  • Content Takedown services
  • DCMA enforcement
  • Phishing Protection

Company uses this service when:

A company may opt for this service if a competitor or a third party is:

  • Holding a Domain Name relating to the company and taking advantage of it;
  • Parking/Holding a Domain Name and demanding exorbitant amount to transfer it;
  • Blocking a Domain Name to interfere with the company’s business;
  • Holding or Blocking corporate pages on directories; and/or
  • Holding, Blocking and/or Maintaining social media pages in the company’s name or in the name of its products or services.

Why BananaIP?

  • BananaIP has strong background and technology expertise in Mobile Technologies;
  • BananaIP has the experience of working with small and large companies on Mobile App protection, community development and contribution management projects;
  • IP and Legal experts at BananaIP have helped many Mobile App companies build IP and comply with legal requirements;
  • BananaIP is the only firm in India that has the wide range of expertise required to support Mobile Applications; and
  • BananaIP’s team of legal and IP experts are among the leaders in the country.

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