Removing Infringing Products on Amazon and Flipkart

An author approached BananaIP after his attempts to remove his books from Amazon and Flipkart , which were being sold without authorization. The author tried to remove them on his own, but could not get the marketplaces to remove the books. BananaIP’s ecommerce attorneys took up the take down process and helped the author remove the books from Amazon and Flipkart. However, they noted that the books were being placed on sale again and again even after they were initially taken down.

So, they advised the author to acquire copyright and trademark registrations over his works, which were acquired in a cost effective manner through the firm’s SiNApSE program for authors. Until the registrations were acquired, they kept taking down the books continuously. Once the registrations were acquired, the attorneys started aggressively sending legal notices and take down notices to the marketplace as well as vendors uploading the book pages for sale. They also collected lot of evidence of inaction by marketplaces and infringing actions by vendors. After six months of efforts, the eCommerce attorneys were able to take down all books of the author from the marketplaces.