Patent, Trade Mark and Copyright Filings for a AI driven Video Streaming Company

A company that provides AI driven video streaming services approached BananaIP for IP advice and filings. Their objective was to build a valuable IP portfolio before going for professional funding so that the valuation of their company is the highest possible, and dilution of their stakes least possible. BananaIP’s attorneys reviewed the company’s products and technology and identified different IPs that can be protected. Thereafter, they classified the IPs based on their value to the business and financial potential.

The client reviewed the report and discussed with the firm’s attorneys on how to proceed. A budget was assigned with the instruction to get as much protection as possible within the finances available. BananaIP’s attorneys strategized and filed several patents, copyrights and trademarks, and built an impressive IP portfolio. Following that, the company was successful in getting funding from a professional investor at a value comfortable to the founders.