Blocking Infringing Domain Names and Dispute Resolution

An International Airport was facing the problem of multiple domain name registrations by different persons seeking to gain commercially from such domain name registrations. The Company approached BananaIP for advice and help in blocking and transferring the said domain names. Initially, the eCommerce attorneys of BananaIP contacted the domain name holders to persuade them to transfer the wrongfully held domain names for a small fee. Some of them agreed and transferred the domain names to the client. Thereafter, the attorneys sent legal notices to others clearly outlining their infringing and illegal actions and requesting them to transfer the domain name to avoid a dispute. The legal notices helped in transferring some more domain names to the client.

Following that, BananaIP’s eCommerce attorneys filed complaints before different dispute resolution forums. Following an adversarial process, the firm’s attorneys got the domain names blocked and transferred to the client within 3 to 6 months. The whole process was very organized and cost effective for the client.

BananaIP’s eCommerce attorneys regularly take up similar actions for App take down, social media page take down, content take down, etc.