Delhi HC Summons Triller, PEMRA Raids Cable Operators Over Indian Content, Adeia Inc. & FetchTV Renew IP Licensing Agreement

In this edition, we will be looking at three recent IPrelated developments from different parts of the world. First, we will look at a copyright infringement case filed by Yash Raj Films against the American video-sharing app Triller. We will also take a look at PEMRAs raid on cable operators in Islamabad for airing illegal Indian content and Adeia Inc.’s media IP licensing agreement renewal with FetchTV for entertainment services in Australia. Stay tuned for more details on these stories!

Copyright Infringement Case: Delhi High Court Summons Triller in Response to Yash Raj Films’ Complaint

Delhi High Court has summoned American video-sharing app Triller in response to a copyright infringement case filed by Yash Raj Films. The movie production house claims that Triller’s extraction tool is infringing on their copyrighted material, allowing third-party users to use, post, and share audio-visual content without any prior permission or valid license. The court has ordered Triller to present their case forward.

PEMRA Raids Cable Operators in Islamabad for Airing Illegal Indian Content

In Islamabad, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) recently conducted a raid on several cable operators for ‘airing illegal Indian channels as well as Indian content’. This comes after PEMRA’s 2016 ban and the Supreme Court’s 2018 order against all broadcast and telecast of Indian content. Issuing a public warning to all cable operators, PEMRA stated that any found defying the orders would be dealt with strictly in accordance with PEMRA laws.

Renewal of Adeia Inc.’s Media IP Licensing Agreement with FetchTV for Entertainment Services in Australia

Adeia Inc., a tech and computer applications company, has renewed its Media IP licensing agreement with FetchTV for entertainment services in Australia. Dr. Mark Kokes from Adeia said that the patent license extension was reflective of Adeia’s intellectual property portfolios and its presence in Australia’s home entertainment market. With this renewal, consumers can expect access to a growing selection of high-quality entertainment experiences through the latest innovations from FetchTV.

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