De-addiction Patents: The Gandhian path to a healthy living

October 2nd is the birth anniversary of a great Indian and  world leader, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was a pioneer of truth and non-violence therefore worldwide this day is celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence. He set an example of simple living and high thinking and was against addictions such as smoking, drinking, even non-vegetarianism. On this day, we bring to you information on a few patents related to alcohol de-addiction.

As we all know drug and alcohol abuse is a serious social issue due to which the society has to pay a high price. An invention as disclosed in application number PCT/US1982/000440 relates to a treatment regimen for drug addicts and alcoholics. More particularly, it is a method which blocks the withdrawal symptoms and the ‘guts craving’ affect and also re-builds the nutritional health of the patient. “Broadly, the application disclosed relates to a therapeutic composition for detoxification of drug or alcohol which comprises of sodium ascorbate, calcium gluconate, magnesium chloride and thiamine hydrochloride in a saline solution which is compatible with blood serum. A method to detox people who consume in alcohol or narcotics starts with oral doses of sodium ascorbate, calcium and magnesium for about six hours, after which the detoxification therapeutic composition is administered to complete the detoxification in the absence of symptoms and lack of ardent desires. Later on amino acid , vitamins, minerals and proteins are given after detoxification to replenish the body with essential substances of this type”. The social cost to the families and acquaintances of alcoholics is incalculable.

Current approaches to alcoholism include a method of alcohol loading to induce sickness, after which unpleasant confrontations or interventions are initiated to stimulate disinclination to drinking. There is also an electrode method of stimulus response to create aversion. An alcoholic is given a drink and as the drink is raised to the lips he or she receives an uncomfortable electric stimulus. There is also the supportive A-A concept of “cold turkey” detox which encourages the alcoholic to admit he or she has hit bottom as an alcoholic in order to induce a desire to get well.

Further, another invention as disclosed in the application number US 08/912,084  provides a new compound and a method for treating alcoholic addiction by administering pyridine nucleotide phosphate derivatives. One promising approach to the treatment of acute intoxication is the administration of Nicotinamide-Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), also known as Diphospho Pyridine Nucleotide (DPN) and coenzyme 1 to the sufferer.NAD also comes in a phosphate form and NADP has slightly different activity and resistance and hence it would be advantageous to allow the alcoholic sufferer to be dozed with both NAD and NADP to increase the spectrum of pharmacological action.

So my fellow Indians, lets say no to substance and alcohol  abuse. From this day, lets try to be the change we want to see in the world. As the Mahatama said himself “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”

Authored by Anjali Santhosh