Cricket – 3D Optimised Advertising

This post was first published on April 3, 2011.
India is a land of diversity and not many things are common among all Indians. But cricket is surely a  factor that binds the whole of India. Cricket is considered a religion in India and is followed with unquestionable reverence. Indians are emotionally attached to cricket and this attachment encouraged advertising companies to use cricket as a platform for promoting their products. And with India winning the biggest spectacle in the cricket world , advertising companies are using the mega-event to the maximum to make substantial impact on audience.
We see so many enthralling commercials being telecasted on television like “Helicopter Shot” of Dhoni and “Upar Cut” of Sehwag. Cricket continues to be the main revenue generator for many endorsement companies and sponsors. Cricket is a game which has an inherent rhythm of start and stop that allows unobtrusive injection of very interesting and catchy advertisements during breaks. Further, the players are approached for endorsing their product by displaying the company’s logo on players’ jersey and playing equipments.
Now the advertising companies have gone one step further by utilizing ground surface to promote their products. Earlier, advertising prints were seen only behind either side of wickets i.e. near the fast bowlers bowling mark in 30 yard circle. But nowadays, multiple advertising prints are designed all around 30 yard circle on the ground.
An application titled “Advertisement Print Optimised For At Least Two Viewpoints” by Erik B. Thomsen and Christian Sondergaard was filed for patent (US20030173772A1) in 2003. The invention discloses a technique of printing an advertisement on a substantially plane print carrier. The print is a transformation of chosen 3-dimensional geometrical elements having a number of visible sides defined by at least a first viewpoint and a second viewpoint. The sides are combined and the print can optimally be viewed from two different viewpoints, even though they are pointing in opposite directions. The invention is advantageous in cricket games and the like, as the game is typically broadcasted using two or more main cameras pointing in substantially opposite directions.
With the amount of revenue generated by the cricket body from advertisements and in return the profits attained by companies by using cricket as a platform, we may see much creativity in which advertisements would be linked to cricket. This would ensure a win for all and a loss to none.
Authored by Sanjiv Sharan
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