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COVID-19 Updates

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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Latest Updates

19.05.2020- Guidelines for Dental Professionals in Covid-19 pandemic situation

18.05.2020- Guidelines on preventive measures to contain spread of COVID-19 in workplace settings

18.05.2020-Revised Strategy for COVlD-19 testing in lndia

16.05.2020- Updated Cluster Containment plan for COVID-19

16.05.2020- Updated Containment Plan for Large Outbreaks of COVID-19

16.05.2020- Preparedness and response to COVID-19 in Urban Settlements

16.05.2020- No spitting in public places

15.05.2020- Advisory for managing Health care workers working in COVID and Non-COVID areas of the hospital

15.05.2020- Additional guidelines on rational use of Personal Protective Equipment (setting approach for Health functionaries working in non-COVID areas)

15.05.2020- Guidelines for Home Isolation of very mild/ pre-symptomatic COVID-19 cases

14.04.2020 – Advisory on feasibility of using pooled samples for molecular testing of COVID-19 by ICMR New

14.04.2020 – Advisory for effective management & ensuring safe drinking water during lock down due to COVID-19 New

14.04.2020 – Guidance note for enabling Delivery of Essential Health Services during the COVID 19 Outbreak New

14.04.2020 – Advisory for effective management & ensuring safe drinking water during lock down due to COVID-19 New

13.04.2020 – Video on Yoga for Stress Management (Hindi)

13.04.2020 – iGOT (Integrated Govt. Online Training) courses on DIKSHA platform on COVID-19 pandemic

11.04.2020 – Video for Insurance coverage for our Health workers – Caring for those who are taking care of the nation

11.04.2020 – Insurance coverage for our Health workers – Caring for those who are taking care of the nation (GIF)

11.04.2020 – Video on meditation for stress management (English)

11.04.2020 – Letter from Ministry of Home Affairs to Administrators, DGPs of all States/UTs and CP Delhi regarding Security to all Doctors , Staff of Hospitals in respect of COVID-19

11.04.2020 – Second COVID Webinar Series for Nurses by AIIMS New Delhi

11.04.2020 – Orders of Ministry of Home Affairs to Ministries/States/UTs for exemption to Fishing

11.04.2020 – Video on use of reusable face cover (English) – Part 1

11.04.2020 – Video on use of reusable face cover (English) – Part 2

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

Latest Updates

Government of Karnataka

Latest Updates

22.05.2020Standard Operating Procedures version-3 for inter- state passengers to Karnataka

21.05.2020-Version 3.0 of SOP for International Returnees to Karnataka

21.05.2020- Regarding Allowing persons going out of Karnataka and who have got permission / passes by themselves from other states

21.05.2020- Recommencement of Domestic Flights and Minimum and Maximum Fares Chargeable for such Flights

21.05.2020- Movement of People Across Districts in Karnataka- Lock down-4.0

19.05.2020- SOP for Hair – cutting Salons and Parlours

18.05.2020- Gazette of India Regrading reducing the contribution of EFPO

16.05.2020- Regarding Quarantine of Health Care Workers in Non-COVID facilities

16.05.2020- Quarantine of Health Care Workers posted in COVID-19 facilities

15.05.2020- Notification regarding further extension of closure of the High Court of Karnataka, Bengaluru including Benches at Dharwad and Kalburgi till 6th June 2020

13.05.2020- Regarding booking of special trains in Indian Railways

13.05.2020- Providing one time opportunity to failure students of 9th and 11th CBSE students to get promoted through online/offline and innovative class test during the challenging times of Covid-19 pandemic in the country

13.05.2020- Advisory to information technology/ITES and business process management sector

13.05.2020- Regarding international/domestic travellers quarantine

08.05.2020- External Quality Assurance plan for COVID-19 Testing Laboratories of Karnataka

07.05.2020- Standard Operating Procedure for lndustrial, Commercial Establishments and Private Offices during COVID-19

07.05.2020- Compulsory information to District Surveillance Officer on discharge of COVID positive patients / suspects from institutions

05.05.2020- Corrigendum on One time two way passes

04.05.2020- Surveillance Plan Circular

04.05.2020- Operating of Industries / Industrial Establishments in Karnataka

03.05.2020- Advisory to Information Technology/ITESand Business Process Management Sector

02.05.2020- Categorization of sample collected for Covid 19 testing on basis of priority

02.05.2020- Notification regarding regulations for wearing mask in public and to maintain social distancing and penalty

02.05.2020- Notification : Karnataka Rajya Pathra

30.04.2020-Instructions for the collection and transportation of Swab Samples

30.04.2020- Circular on SARI fever clinics

30.04.2020- Directions to ESCOMs regarding Meter reading, Billing and Collections for the month of May 2020 and onwards

29.04.2020-Duties and responsibilities of Disaster Management cells (DMC)

29.04.2020- COVID-19(RT-PCR) testing for front line Government Employees other than Police Department in KCG Hospital

28.04.2020- Exemption of Employees with Disabilities from essential services duty-reg

28.04.2020- Guidelines for Restarting Aadhar Operations

27.04.2020- Effective monitoring of Quarantine period- Reg

27.04.2020-Operating of Industries / Industrial Establishments in COVID-19 Unaffected Districts

24.04.2020- Circular: Regarding in view of the prevailing situation due to Covid-19 pandemic across the country, decision taken by the Board that the reporting under clause 30 and clause 44 of the Tax Audit Report shall be kept in abeyance till 31st March,2021

24.04.2020- Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) for Containment zone activities from Government of India

24.04.2020- RT-PCR testing for frontline policemens who working break covid chain in bengaluru city

23.04.2020- Establish industries and industry activities in non effected district

22.04.2020- Enabling delivery of Immunization services during the COVID 19 outbreak

20.04.2020- Establishment of “Fever Clinics” in Private Medicals Colleges

17.04.2020- Guidelines for Testing of Pooled Samples using RT-PCR

17.04.2020-Guidelines for Rapid Antibody based Blood Test for COVID-19 and Rationale use of the Kits

17.04.2020-Testing of samples of COVID-19 suspected cases in Private Laboratories and price fixation

17.04.2020- Reporting of Influenza like Illness(ILI) and Severe Acute Respiratory Illness(SARI) treated in Private Healthcare Facilities

16.04.2020- Implementation of standard Operating procedure (SOP) in the industries operating from 20-4-2020

14.04.2020-Advisory on follow up of Covid-19 patients and primary contacts after discharge from hospital / release from quarantine

14.04.2020- Video Conference held under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka

11.04.2020- Review of critical Covid-19 cases by the Critical Care Support Team

11.04.2020-Definition of hotspot, cluster and containment zone:

07.04.2020-Regarding Clarification on quarantine in case Covid-19 test comes out positive for primary contacts:

06.04.2020-Preparation of District level crisis Management Plan for Covid-19:

06.04.2020-Regarding Clinical trial of Plasma therapy for Covid-19 patients:

06.04.2020- Regarding Avoiding inconvenience to the Patients receiving treatment for HIV and TB under NACP and RNTCP:

06.04.2020-Regarding management of Corona related complaints:

03.04.2020- Giving directions regarding meter reading, billing and payment to BESCOM:

03.04.2020- Regarding concession to continue production of temporary shutdown factories due to Covid-19 lockdown:

02.04.2020- Measures/ Decisions to be taken for the officers on Covid-19 duty if infected:

02.04.2020-Regarding free delivery of excess and stored milk:

02.04.2020- Regarding allocating separate block in various districts related to treatment of Covid-19:

02.04.2020- Regarding allocating separate block in various districts related to treatment of Covid-19:

31.03.2020- About Government Medical Colleges / Deemed Universities are all about participating with the government:

31.03.2020- About Covid-19 testing in private laboratories:

31.03.2020- About setting up peri fever clinics for suspected Covid -19 testing:

30.03.2020- Letter to Private Health Providers:

30.03.2020-Constitution of Committees of various depts.To take up relief activities:

29.03.2020-Guidelines for effective implementation of Lockdown measures:

28.03.2020- Guidelines to open Relief Camps to the affected people due to Covid-19:

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