Indian Copyright News and Updates

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Copyright Thought of the Week

“Originality is undetected Plagiarism.”    –William Ralph Inge

Indian Copyright News and Updates

  • Supreme Court rejects IRRO appeal in DU copyright case.

The Honorable Supreme Court recently rejected a Special Leave Petition filed by the Indian Reproduction Rights Society (IRRO) in the DU copyright case stating that IRRO was a mere intervener and the original suit had already been withdrawn by the plaintiffs. Thus the court has reinstated the students’ right to the copyright materials over the copyright of publishers.

International Copyright Updates

  • Turn Down For What” Hits the Court for Infringement.

Publisher, Golden Crown Records has instituted a federal lawsuit against Lil Jon and DJ Snake for allegedly copying the track ‘Turn Down for What’ by Freddie GZ. Besides the same track title, the Plaintiffs have also alleged extreme resemblance in the beat, chord progression, visuals and vocals of the prior released track of Freddie. The lawsuit seeks monetary damages and permanent injunction.

  • Eminem’s Lose Yourself Copyright Infringement trial underway

As reported last week, the trial for the copyright infringement suit filed by Eminem has begun. The said suit was filed against a New Zealand Political Party, for using Eminem’s track “Lose Yourself” in their ad campaign without permission. During the trial, the defendant’s lawyers argued that the usage of the song cannot be held as infringing as it comes under the purview of the concept of borrowing under the US copyright law. The lawyers further argued that substantial portion of the original song had not been reproduced so as to constitute an infringement of copyright.

  • Agency sues Khloe Kardashian for copyright infringement over a photo uploaded on Instagram

A paparazzi photo agency, Xposure Photos has sued Khloe Kardashian for $1, 50,000 for uploading a photo of herself on the social media website Instagram. The agency claims that they hold the copyright over the photo and that the original picture has been altered by Khloe Kardashian to remove copyrights credit of the agency. The photo was shot by a shutterbug at a restaurant where the Plaintiff was dining, the photo was thereafter uploaded on her Instagram account without giving the necessary credit or obtaining the consent of the agency.

Entertainment Patent News

  • Media entertainment center for babies

A patent was granted to an inventor named Sandra S. Spinella in June last year by the USPTO. The interesting bit about this issued patent is that it claims a media and entertainment center for baby strollers. The Media and Entertainment center is capable of housing media devices such as mobile phones, tablets, iPADs, iPODS, DVD, MP3 and MP4 players. These devices are placed in a V-shaped pocket with the viewing screen of the media device facing the transparent panel to enable the infant to see the viewing screen through the main panel and hear the sound through the side panels. One among the several uses of the invention is aimed at using the media devices for child entertainment, education, and development. This is certainly a cool stroller for babies and adults alike.

Entertainment Trademark Updates

  • Beyonce fights over trademark rights for her daughter’s name

An Event planner firm, Blue Ivy Company has submitted court documents in an effort to restrain Beyonce, an American singer from registering her daughter’s name, ‘Blue Ivy Carter’. Beyonce, earlier this year had tried to reserve the rights of her daughter’s name for commercial use in various industries. The Company has claimed prior use of the name.

Entertainment Licensing Updates

  • Shout! factory strikes a deal to bring Microsoft’s halo feature movies and anime series to home entertainment.

Shout! Factory, a multi-platform media company has inked a deal with Content Media Corporation, a global media entertainment company, to distribute Halo feature-length movies and Halo legends Anthology series of Microsoft to home entertainment. This multi-year deal provides Shout! with exclusive distribution rights in US and Canada for the movies that include Halo 4: forward Unto Dawn, Halo: Nightfall, Halo: The Fall of Reach and the anime anthology series, Halo Legends.

  • TiVo strengthens the pact with Frontier Communications

TiVo Corporation, a global leader in entertainment technology has inked a multi-year product license agreement with a popular telecom company, Frontier Communications Corporation. In this deal, TiVo will act as the exclusive service provider for advertising the Interactive programming guide (IPG) grid of Frontier Communications. Further, both the parties have also renewed their entertainment discovery intellectual property license agreement.

  • Peppa Pigs gets new licensing partners

Entertainment One has signed licensing agreements with four new partners and renewed the same with seven others for its popular children’s program Peppa Pigs. The four new partners that Entertainment One has signed agreements with include Delta Children, American Greetings, Colgate and Innovative Designs. All the agreements are exclusively designed for the U.S. market. Peppa Pigs is a popular children’s program throughout Northern America.

  • DHX Media acquires Peanuts

The Canadian media company, DHX Media has acquired the popular comic brands ‘Peanuts’ and ‘Strawberry Shortcake’. DHX Media has agreed to pay a total of $ 345 million for Iconix Brand Group which owns 80% of the Peanuts brand and 100% of the Strawberry Shortcake brand. The entertainment company is planning to introduce the brands into new platforms like Youtube and VoD for children and young audiences.  Peanuts have been one of the most popular comics amongst kids since its first appearance 60 years ago.

  • POW! Entertainment acquired by Camsing

The Chinese company, Camsing International Holding has recently inked a deal with POW! Entertainment, the media and entertainment company owned by legendary comic book writer Stan Lee. Camsing will acquire the entertainment library of Intellectual properties (IPs) for film, TV, games, virtual reality, animation, live events, tours, comics, and publishing. Camsing is trying to expand its business into the Asian market by collaborating with Stan Lee, who is known as the king of comic books and his presence will allow the company to build another Marvel in the Asian market.

BananaIP Copyright Tip of the Week

Photocopying for educational purposes.

Professors and students can photocopy materials without fear of copyright infringement liability as long as the purpose of the activity is instruction, research and/or teaching. However, it must be borne in mind that photocopying full books is not permissible. Also, copying materials for commercial purposes may amount to copyright infringement.

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