Cooling cricketers for hot Indian weather

This post was first published on 26th February, 2011
14 participants, 3 hosts and 49 matches. Biggest and most awaited cricket tournament ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 edition kick started in style on 19th February 2011 in Sher-e-Bangla national stadium, Bangladesh. The cricket fans all over the world are celebrating the event. With a strong Line Up, Indians are the clear favorites. Moreover this is said to be the last world cup of many cricket maestros along with the “God of Cricket – Sachin Tendulkar” topping the list.
A threat during the play especially to the foreign teams may be that they have to fight against the rising mercury in the sub-continent. I have seen some players suffering due to high temperature which badly affect their fitness and stamina during crucial matches. So I was curious to know if any inventions are there which can keep players cool in worst conditions. I searched and found couple of inventions which are designed to withstand the temperature. The aforementioned inventions are given below for the reader’s reference.
On 20th February 2008, a patent application (US 20100107657 A1) titled “Apparel with heating and cooling capabilities” was filed by kranti K. Vistakula. The system comprises of a thermoelectric unit having a cooling surface and a heating surface. The cooling surface was thermally insulated from the heating surface. A heat sink is thermally coupled to the thermo electric unit and a wicking material is operatively coupled to the heat sink. The wicking material inturn is saturated with a mixture of water and DNA in order to dissipate energy. The whole system is incorporated in an apparel system.  The apparel may be any item like jackets, vests, helmets and so on.
On 31st October 2003, Mr. Nicholas Bedford filed a patent application (US 20060005291 A1) titled “Cooling Helmet”. The invention relates to a headwear particularly suited to provide an impact protection along with cooling effect. The helmet was provided with inner and outer impact resistant parts nesting one with respect to other. The impact resistant parts are shaped in such a way that there is a space provided between these two parts which is filled with a gel which can provide a cooling effect.
The above mentioned inventions are meant to provide cooling effect. With slight modifications these inventions can be used by players while batting, bowling or fielding and even for Umpires. These inventions can revolutionize the way cricket is played.
Let us hope the prayers of 116 crore people and the talents of masters of Cricket will help India have the last laugh on 2nd April 2011.
Authored by Naveen
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