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Building an Intellectual Property Framework for your Organization

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There is no doubt in the minds of most business leaders that intellectual property (IP) provides great business and competitive advantage.  However, deriving value from their IP creations and investments is for most companies an unsolved puzzle.  With the increase in emphasis on IP in various business transactions ranging from selling products to providing services, organizations in India are now focusing on building IP portfolios that provide direct business value.

Every company aspiring to make IP count for its business must put its IP strategy in the right direction.  With this as the premise, Intellepedia – IP News Center (India’s leading IP publication managed by BananaIP Counsels) is conducting a one day seminar titled “BUILDING AN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FRAMEWORK FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION”.

Seminar Agenda:

  1. The New Dynamic – Intellectual Property Driven Business – Mr. Sanjeeth Hegde, Senior Partner – BananaIP Counsels
  2. Evolving an IP Framework for your Organization – Mr. Raghuveer Subodha, Founding Team Member, Holding the Office of Platform and Solutions – Channelyse
  3. Organizational IP Process and Management – Mr. Lakshminarayanan R., General Manager, Intellectual Property Management  – Samsung Electronics
  4. Leveraging your IP for Success – Mr.Prasad Chodavarapu, Founder and Managing Director – Aganitha Cognitive Solutions, Former Senior Vice President, Transformation Services – HCL Technologies


October 6th, 2017 (Friday)


Le Meridian Hotel Bangalore

Who Should Attend?

The seminar is targeted at organizations in the IT, Electronics, Electrical, Telecom and affiliated industries.  Key executive decision makers of such organizations responsible for business growth, strategy and competitiveness are invited to attend.

Who are the Presenters?

The presenters are all senior management personnel or founders from well know organizations such as Samsung, Mahindra Reva and Altimetrik who are responsible for creating, protecting and leveraging IP.

Cost of Attendance:

One seat for each organization is sponsored by Intellepedia – IP News Center and therefore free.  Any additional seats would be charged a minimal amount of Rs.2,500.   There is limited capacity of 25 seats for the event.

Reservation for this seminar is on a first-come-first-serve basis. We look forward to seeing you there. Please fill in the below form to confirm your reservation or you can call Rahul Kulkarni at +91-7625093766 for additional details.

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