Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme (BIPP), New Scheme from Department of Biotechnology for Advanced Technology Science

Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme (BIPP) is a new partnership programme with industries for support on a cost-sharing basis for high-risk discovery and innovation, accelerated technology development especially for futuristic areas like transformational technology and product development for the public good, areas having major economic potential with focused on IP creation with ownerships by Indian industry, development of technologies in the area of agriculture, health, bio-energy, green manufacturing etc.
The objective is to assist and promote emerging biotech entrepreneurs and facilitate innovative research and development in small, medium as well as large industries.

The areas are broadly classified as following categories:

I – Areas with major social relevance but uncertain market-driven demand
II- High risk, discovery innovation research with relevance for making India globally competitive
III- Evaluation & validation of already existing products of high national importance promoting local innovation (Clinical Trials & Agriculture Field Trials)
IV- Shared cost major facilities, critical for enabling innovation
The scheme is on a partnership basis with the government on a cost-share basis. This is an Advanced Technology Scheme only for high risk, transformational technology/process development. No incremental development will be supported under BIPP.

Eligibility criteria for applying to this scheme:

· Solely by an Indian Company; or
· Jointly by an Indian Company and National R&D Organizations and Institutions; or by a group of Indian Companies along with National Research Organizations etc.
Proposals are required to be submitted online only. Online proposal submission can be done by registered company users only during an active call and these calls are advertised each year 4 times. Process for submitting the proposals online can be referred to in the following link:
Note: The last date for submission for Special call for Proposals under Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme (BIPP) is 22nd December 2010
Evaluation of the applications is done by a special panel and they are called Area Review Panels (ARPs). A presentation has to be submitted to Technical Screening Committee and this Technical Screening Committee can also do sites visits. Apex Committee comprising Senior Technical Experts of members from various ministries and Government departments and chaired by the Secretary, DBT shall do the final review of the application. Process of Evaluation / Decision Making takes a minimum of 4-5 months.
The scheme provides a contribution of up to 50% of the project cost and the remaining cost have to be met by the company. The costs are based on the above-mentioned evaluation and the following criteria:
· Level of innovation
· Advanced technology of great promise
· Technology of tremendous value for national security and public health
· Level of risk
· Potential commercial value.

Intellectual Property Clause:

The IP rights belong exclusively to the applicant/company/industry. In the case of other public partners, the IP sharing would be on mutually agreed terms among the partners through DBT’s facilitation. Normally, the IP clause as per the Agreement would read as follows:
i. “It is the responsibility of the Company to protect the New Intellectual Property (IP). It shall bear the expenditure involved in protecting the New IP. For the purpose of this Agreement, New IP means intellectual property generated during the conduct of the Project by the Company excluding the intellectual property generated by the Company before execution of this Agreement and any new IP generated outside the scope of this Agreement even during the term of this Agreement.
ii. New IP is the sole property of the Company. However, it shall be the joint property of the DBT and the Company till the full and final settlement of all dues to the satisfaction of DBT. During this period, the Company shall not assign or transfer the New IP to any third party directly or indirectly without prior written consent from DBT.”
The terms proposed would vary with the model of partnership and cost-sharing. There are different Models as mentioned below:
· Government supported – private managed, facility will be located in a National Laboratory and managed by a consortium of industries or a single industry which has no conflict of interest: Wherein the 100% grant aid is given and the ownership shall be with the government.
· Public supported in a public institution in partnership with a private investor who has no conflict of interest: wherein the government provides 50% aid, costs shall be shared and ownership shall be based on contribution. Hence the profits shall also be on a shared basis.
· Specialized facility for discovery and innovation to be established, operated and managed by a single private industry: wherein the applicant should devote a % of the time for education and training of DBT identified trainees for capacity building and the government shall provide a soft loan.

For more information on the application form, Categories or agreement template, please visit the below mention link:

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