BananaIP launches Accessibility Law Services

BananaIP Counsels has introduced Accessibility and Disability Law Services as a part of its Intellectual Property Law Service offerings. The objective of these services is to facilitate Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) connect with qualified lawyers and avail their assistance. This gives Persons with Disabilities an option to seek professional advice with respect to accessibility, accommodations, and assistance. These services may also be availed by organizations and companies to implement accessibility and reasonable accommodations in compliance with Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016. Currently the firm is offering services in the fields of education, transport, professional work, accessibility compliance entertainment, housing community, website/mobile applications, legal proceedings, social engagements and so on.

Accessibility Services

Some of the services being offered are:-

  • Accessibility Audits and Recommendations;
  • Representations before Commissioners for PwDs;
  • Litigation Strategy and Management;
  • Drafting Accessibility and Reasonable Accommodations Policy and Process; and so on.

Why Accessibility Services?

Speaking about BananaIP’s Accessibility Law Services, Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala said,

Accessibility to information, technology, physical spaces, and transport to persons with disabilities is critical in enabling their full/equal participation in all walks of life. The Disability Act in India mandates accessibility and reasonable accommodations, and our primary objective is to enable, facilitate, and enforce its implementation through professional engagement and services.

Initially, our focus will be on digital and informational accessibility, and in the future, we will provide professional support in other areas as well. Through these services, we are hoping to contribute towards making services and facilities universally accessible to everyone.”

To access BananaIP’s Accessibility and Disability Law Services page click here


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