Automobile Invention Disclosure- A Presentation by Nitin Nair and Naveen KM

This presentation was delivered by Nitin Nair and Naveen KM as a part of the course for senior management and IP Officers in the automobile industry. The presentation covers:

  • Disclosure of Invention
  • Inventor information
  • Title of invention
  • Background Information
  • Date/proof of conception
  • Disclosure(s)
  • Brought to practice
  • Collaboration
  • Description
  • Figure(s)
  • Invention information

The presentation given here covers details about Invention Disclosure Form (IDF), and the way to fill an IDF. An inventor needs to provide various legal as well as technical information pertaining to the invention, and this information is required at various stages of the patent process. At any stage of the patent process, having sufficient details in hand can increase chances of favourable results.

The presentation was divided into two sessions. In the first session, Mr. Nitin Nair explained the legal aspects pertaining to the disclosure of invention. Mr. Nair highlighted during his presentation, certain strategies being adopted during the patent procedure. He gave insights into things inventors and applicants should know, and bring into practise, so as to secure their intellectual property. Mr. Naveen, who handled the second session, focused more on the technical aspects, and gave details regarding the type and depth of information (pertaining to the invention) that is to be disclosed by the inventor, while filling the IDF. He also explained why is it important to have the details collected from the inventor, and what advantage does it gives to the inventor and the applicant.

About Nitin Nair

Nitin Nair is a partner at Banana IP Counsels, leading IP firm and was an ex-Partner at Brain League. Nitin manages the electronics, telecommunications, and Information Technology divisions of the firm. He also personally oversees client feedback, quality assurance, and technology integration processes. Nitin teaches as visiting faculty at premiere institutions such as National Law School of India University, Bangalore.

About Naveen KM

Naveen is a Managing Associate at BananaIP Counsels, leading IP firm. He works closely with inventors to assist with specification drafting, and researches projects. He handles projects in electronics, electrical, software domains.

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