Aswin Prabhu

Mr. Aswin Prabhu

Litigation Counsel

Mr. Aswin Prabhu

  • A Litigator with rich experience.
  • Handled numerous IP and other matters.
  • Specializes in dispute resolution for business benefit.

Mr. Aswin Prabhu is an accomplished lawyer with close to 20 years of litigation experience. He has represented clients on a wide variety of matters involving issues relating to intellectual property, real property, patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, regulatory compliance, and eCommerce, among others. He specializes in resolving disputes through litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration, mediation and negotiation.

Over the years, Mr. Aswin has represented several clients of BananaIP, and has enabled/facilitated speedy dispute resolution for business benefit. In IP matters, Mr. Aswin works closely with BananaIP’s team of attorneys, and has also co-represented with our team before IP and other tribunals.

Mr. Aswin holds an LLB from NLIU, Bhopal, and delivers invited lectures at premier institutions such as IIM, Shillong. He also serves on ethics committees of a few research institutions in Bangalore. He also worked with the former Advocate General of Karnataka & Senior Advocate, Sri. Udaya Holla for many years.

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