eCommerce, Entertainment, Education and Publishing

E-Commerce Law

Over the last decade, BananaIP’s team of highly qualified and experienced IP/Patent attorneys have helped several e-Commerce, online and mobile businesses in India and across the world protect and utilize IP/Patents for business benefit. Opinions and reports provided by BananaIP’s team of IP/Patent experts have helped companies make business decisions, clear IP risks, comply with IP laws, and establish IP/Patent policies. Our IP/Patent attorneys have also helped many clients build strong IP/Patent portfolios, which, have assumed very high financial valuation, and many have been acquired at lucrative values.

Entertainment Law

Our Entertainment Law team merges expertise in law, management and business to offer value-added services to artists, producers, content aggregators, networks, and distributors. From rights acquisition, to licensing and merchandising, and dispute resolution, we help clients make commercially beneficial decisions in the entertainment industry. Our ability to effectively understand the business objectives of our clients and ‘think out of the box’ to arrive at innovative strategies sets us apart from our peers.

Education & Publishing

BananaIP offers services to help authors, novelists and publishers in India, the USA and other countries register copyrights in their books, novels, photographs, and publications. Our team of highly qualified attorneys also help authors and publishers draft, negotiate and manage publication agreements and copyright licenses. As several of the attorneys and agents working with BananaIP are authors themselves, they understand an author’s or novelist’s needs better than other attorneys.

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