Another commendable initiative of Indian patent office – Publication of FER data in the journal


We have witnessed several commendable improvements in the operations of the Indian patent office in the last 1 year. From frequent and timely publication of patent applications to prompt issue of receipts and certified priority documents, patent office has taken several steps to address issues of applicants/patent agents. One of the most appreciable improvements that the patent office has brought about is the access to information that is made available to each patent applicant through its website and journals. The latest step in this direction is the publication of number of applications for which the Indian patent office has issued First examination report in a given week in its weekly journal.

Ever since the patent office has started sending information by emails, applicants/patent agents have been receiving First examination reports (FERs), receipts and other important documents in electronic form. Of late, the patent office has started sending the FERs by email on the date of their issue. From this week onwards, Indian patent office journal will include the list of application numbers for which the examination reports have been issued by each patent office. This information will be available in the journal published weekly on the patent office website along with the date of issue and the email address to which the FER was mailed.

If the patent agent/applicant has not received the examination report by email, the same can be acquired online by following 2 simple steps. The applicant/patent agent can first review the journal for publication of an application no. with respect to examination reports. If the application no. is listed in the journal, the patent agent/applicant can acquire the FER from the patent office’s online database – InPASS.

Earlier the applicant or agent used to heavily rely on the postal services for the receiving the FERs or used to periodically check the publication status of FERs to avoid time lag between the issue and receipt of documents. The new initiative of Indian Patent Office of publishing details of application for which FER is issued makes critical information available promptly.

BIP patent team is glad to note the progress being made by the IPO and commends the Govt. for all its initiatives towards improving speed, transparency and access.

Authored by Nisha Kurian (Managing Associate, Patent Portfolio Division of BananaIP Counsels)

Image source / attribution: here; Governing license – CC0 Creative Commons

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