Leading Food Products Company

Nature of the company: A leading food products company


Why they approached us:

  • Filed more than two thousand trade marks, but the portfolio was in disarray.
  • Spending lot of money on duplicate filings, and maintenance of dead marks.
  • Needed a third party review of the value of their trademark portfolio.

What did we do:

  • Performed a thorough due diligence, and compliance check.
  • Analyzed the value of each mark based on business/legal parameters.
  • Submitted a comprehensive report on the trade mark portfolio with specific comments, and action points for each mark in the inventory.


  • A clean portfolio in line with business goals.
  • All compliance requirements were adhered, and lapsed trademarks revived.
  • Dropped unnecessary trademarks.
  • Left with a well classified portfolio based on business value.

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