A large multi-national company with an R&D center in India

Nature of the company: A large multi-national company with an R and D center in India


Why they approached us:

  • Wanted to improve the quality, and number of inventions coming out of their Indian R & D center;
  • Wanted to spread IP awareness among their engineers/scientists, and build some basic skills such as patent searching, disclosure drafting, and so on;
  • Wanted to set up an in-house IP team, and institute processes that suit specific Indian circumstances.

What did we do:

  • Performed a comprehensive IP Audit/Mining exercise to accomplish two objectives:
    • Uncover potential IP not disclosed earlier by inventors; and
    • To study the R & D processes, culture, and employee mind set.
  • Organized a series of awareness programs across divisions to build IP knowledge and skills;
  • Organized boot camps for specific personnel nominated by the company for the IP team.
  • Devised processes/mechanisms for identifying inventions, improving transparency in the evaluation process, and taking shortlisted inventions for filing to IP attorneys.


  • About 148 potential inventions were uncovered, and 36 went for filing.
  • The number of invention disclosures improved by three fold.
  • The in-house IP Team to co-ordinate internal IP activities was set up within a month.
  • An efficient, and transparent idea disclosure, assessment, and IP/patent process was set up.