Social Media Law

Social Media Law Services

BIP’s Social Media Law team offers the following services among others:

  • Framing Social Media Policy and Process for Companies
  • Patent Filing, Prosecution and Maintenance for Social Media Technologies
  • Trademark Registration  and Domain Name Dispute Resolution
  • Copyright Registration for Content
  • Trade Secret Protection and Management on Social Media
  • Establishment of Take Down Policy and Process
  • Take Down Notices for Social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Managing and Handling IP infringement and piracy
  • Publicity Rights Violations and Management
  • Licensing and Merchandising Agreements
  • Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
  • Employment issues on Social Media
  • Consumer Protection
  • Talent Management and Endorsement Contracts
  • Rights Violations on Social Media
  • Social Media Legal Compliance and Management

Social media has transformed the world in many ways. From reformations to revolutions, social media has made its presence felt in many contexts. Today, humanity lives in a digital society, and its effects on human life are more than phenomenal.

Creativity has always been an integral part of social media and continues to be so. Social media emerged from creativity, continues to progress on creativity and encourages creativity. From content to technologies, intellectual assets are created, implemented, uploaded and distributed on and for social media on a daily basis. The said phenomenon springs a wide array of opportunities and risks as well.

BIP hosts a dedicated social media law team, which specializes in protection, management and risk mitigation. The team of expert and socially savvy attorneys helps clients protect, manage and commercialize their intellectual assets in the form of patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, etc. The team also specializes in handling privacy and publicity rights issues on social media. It also handles consumer protection, employment and other related issues.

Select Clients

  • Samsung

  • Yash Raj Films

  • PEPS Industries

  • Salman Khan

  • FTV India

  • Dharma Productions
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Why BananaIP ?

BananaIP hosts a team of legal experts with multi-dimensional expertise;

  • Protecting amd Managing IP for commercial benefit is one of the core activities of BananaIP;
  • BananaIP has the experience of advising and managing Social Media Law issues;
  • Team at BananaIP has strong technology expertise and offer state of the art services;
  • BananaIP works leading content management companies, social networks, and celebrities; and
  • BananaIP is the only firm in India that offers Social Media Law services aimed at businesses.


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