Connexios strikes a deal with Boehringer Ingelheim

A unique deal was struck between two of the leading research oriented companies in the world, Connexios Life Sciences (CLS) and Boehringer Ingelheim (BI). As announced today, CLS and BI reached a research collaboration agreement to further research on the treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. As per the agreement, BI, one of the largest pharma companies in the world, has reportedly acquired global rights for CLS’ program CNX-012, the program relating to AMPK activators. The program includes several promising compounds at the pre-clinical stage, which are the subject of multiple patent applications. Quite unsurprisingly, financial details of the transaction have been kept confidential.

With its novel drug discovery platform and unique Network Biology approach, it was only a matter of time before CLS made its mark in pharmaceutical research. Talking about the agreement with BI, the young, dynamic CEO of CLS, Dr. Venkatachalam said that the deal was a validation of the company’s business model. He was also very positive that the program would yield novel therapies for the treatment of diabetes.

Ms. Shobha Vijayaraghavan, Head of Business Development and a key player in the company’s success, stated that CLS’ collaboration with BI would lay the foundation for new opportunities between the parties. CLS has filed numerous patent applications across the world, on compounds targeting varied pathways for the treatment of diabetes along with other metabolic disorders. CLS is, in fact, one of the few dedicated research entities in India, focusing on drug discovery. Besides its unique and unorthodox approach, CLS houses some of the best minds in the field, setting it apart.


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