Looks like Wearable Gear is here to stay!

This week, Google surprised its followers by making one of its most awaited gadget Google Glass (G-Glass) available for purchase for a limited period of time only. This move is believed to be part of Google’s Explorer program which is intended to collect feedback from customers so as to improve the product, before the actual product launch. That means every customer who purchased G-Glass this week, is actually an explorer who will try out the features of the gadget to help the tech giant improve its product.

Another tech giant, Samsung, does not want to be left behind and is in no mood to let Google hog the market all by itself. Samsung has applied for a Design Patent for its design of ‘wearable augmented reality’ with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). Samsung is “gearing up” to give Google a a run for its money with a gadget that appears to be a cross between a Bluetooth headset and G-Glass itself. Unlike G-Glass, however, Samsung’s earphone product does not appear to have two arms to fit over the ears. Instead, an in-ear headphone with a clip holds the device to a user’s head. The design also has a heads-up display viewed through a prism that rotates forward and back for viewing adjustments. There also appears to be a microphone on the device as well as a front facing camera and a camera button on top of the device near the headphone.

Here’s letting a few pictures of the basic design do some of the talking:



Although wearable technology is gaining popularity, the market for wearable gadgets is not very active as yet. However, experts and analysts consider it the future of computers and are of the belief that the market will witness a positive change by 2016. Samsung and Google’s patent filings have proved that these assumptions are not mere assumptions. So, dear readers, gear up to get amused. The tech-world has a lot of surprises in store for us.

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