Fist of Fury or Fist of Protest?

Is it just our imagination? It seems unfathomable that the amendments brought about in Copyright Law by the Indian Parliament would lead to a popular film star getting assaulted by a Record Label! Abhay Deol claims to have been beaten up by the well-known Record Label, T-Series, known to hold 80% of Bollywood’s music content.

Reports from all over say that this popular Bollywood Actor arrived at the 20th Annual Life OK Screen Awards with a swollen eye (literally beaten black and blue). Upon inquiry as to how he managed to acquire the symbol of someone’s wrath, he, supposedly, simply answered that he was beaten up.

Taking a closer look at what led to this, Abhay’s upcoming film One By Two is set to be released on the 31st of January, 2014 and the actor is leaving no stone un-turned in promoting the film, despite the fact that not a single musical number of the film is made available to him. The actor claims that the record company, T-series, conveyed to him that the music was not available because they wanted him to get the music composers, Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy, to sign a music agreement which had a clause in it that was illegal.

T-series, however, was steadfast about its position on the matter, condemning the allegations brought about by the actor and said that they were exercising due diligence and have always obtained expert legal advice. They also said that they were perfectly in accord with the provisions in the Copyright Act, 1957, and that there was nothing illegal in their actions, whatsoever.

Some sources say that the actor was not actually beaten up, literally, but that he sported the black eye voluntarily as a symbol of protest against producers and music companies, in general, who were advocating these practices of signing illegal agreements to the detriment of creative artists like musicians.

Of course, one is left to wonder how an agreement that is illegal, could get executed by exercising force, in the first place, and if such a one did manage to get executed, how it could be considered valid under the law. So what REALLY is this hue and cry all about?

We could take a guess or wait and watch all the drama going around, but nothing can be concluded until the courts sound their decisions on the various pending petitions before several high courts, where the amended law has been challenged.

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