Trends in Indian Patent Grant, 2012

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This report identifies the Top-15 Indian Patent Grants for the year 2012 and the leader should come as no surprise. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, that stood 15th in position in the list of PCT patent applications files in 2011 has topped the list of holders of Indian patents.

In contrast Qualcomm Incorporated comes second with 146 patents with a difference of 56 patents from Hindustan Lever Limited which landed third position by gaining 90 patents.

According to the report by WIPO, the number of applications received by the patent office of India increased from approximately 11,000 in 2002 to around 42,000 in 2011.

In 2011, the patent office of India received 42,291 applications and issued 5,168 patents.

In 2012, IPO Received 50,000 Applications and issued 4741 patents.

Of the top 20 offices, India showed the largest difference between its numbers of applications and grants.

Below table represents top 15 patent grants in 2012:


Contributed by: Akshatha Karthik

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