First Law Thriller Novel in India – Based on Drug Patents

Patent law has not been immune to fiction writing. Quite a few novels, ranging from science fiction to thriller stories,  have earlier been based on patents.A Patent Lie by Goldstein, and Killer Smile, by  Scottoline, are two examples of patent thriller novels that have done well. Through realistic stories and relatable characters, these novels bring forth nuances of the patent system in a manner easily comprehensible by the common public. In the line  of said novels and inspired from real cases in India, Dr. Kalyan, one of our bloggers, has written a novel entitled, Road Humps and Sidewalks, relating to drug patents.Road Humps and Sidewalks is the story of a young, blind lawyer’s clash against a multi-national pharma company, in his quest to save lives. In Ms. Caroline Ncube’s words, in her review of the novel  on IP Cat, “This 164 page IP law thriller has all the hallmarks of a winner; corporate espionage, attempted kidnapping, foiled hits, court room romance, a corrupt Chief Justice and a David v Goliath (Pharma v generic company and public hospitals) battle over patents for a life-saving drug. … (read more).”  The novel is set to release shortly and is now available for pre-release order. You may visit for more details about the novel. What storm awaits this novel by Kalyan? Only time will tell.By the way,for those of you, who are interested in getting your hands on this novel, Kalyan has started a free give away program on good reads. Three copies of the novel will be given away based on a random algorithm of good reads. You may visit,, if you wish to opt for the free give away.
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