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BHEL Gets Patent on Significant Invention

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL ) which is the 7th largest power equipment manufacturer in the world and ranked as the 9th most innovative company in the world has received a patent for washing system with high pressure jets for cleaning tubes of heat recovery steam generator. The patent number issued by the Indian Patent Office is 241767 and the filed patent application number is 1018/DEL/2003. The international classification number is F02C 7/00.

According to the Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks, “This invention relates to Washing system with high pressure water jets for cleaning tubes of heat recovery steam generator comprising: A Buffer Tank, A booster/transfer pump for pumping water from source to Buffer tank, A high pressure wash pump to transfer pressurised water from Buffer tank to the Lancer, Characterised in that A portable lancer with high pressure nozzles wherein nozzles are narrow angle injector fuel jet nozzle featuring a solid cone shaped spray pattern with a round impact area, Chain & pulley block arrangement for lifting the lancer to various elevations, and Temporary aluminium platforms for the operator, said buffer tank comprises level gauges, filters or strainer and pressure gauge and said booster, including electrical motor.

This is a significant achievement by BHEL and all credit goes to its sustained interest in R & D and innovative endeavours.

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