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Time for a Curved iPhone as Apple Gets Patent on Bending Glass

Apple has been granted a patent (U.S. patent 8,336,334) that uses high temperature processing to mould glass into a pre-determined shape. Apple ‘s  patent shows how the method can be used to dynamically change the shape of glass in order to create a bend or curve  without overstretching the glass or causing cracks formed by air vacuum. Further, the patent describes the system and apparatus needed for this kind of high temperature processing can be applied to “small factor electronic devices” including mobile phones and user input devices.


This indicates that Apple might one day start using curved, flexible shapes instead of the conservative flat glass screen. Apple’s biggest rival Samsung also plans to display a 5.5 inch flexible phone screen in the coming months. Samsung already has devices that use curved screens like the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus.
Though the patent looks commercially viable, some of other patents granted to Apple do not make it past the prototype phase.  So let’s just wait and watch whether the next iPhone or iPad has a curved screen.
News Source: CNet
Contributed by: Kartik Raju
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