Indian Patent Office Launches Simplified and Comprehensive e-filing Services

The Indian Patent Office has indeed simplified the Patent filing procedure with the launch of its new and comprehensive e-filing services.  This upgraded online patent filing service has made the filing procedure faster  and less complicated with  access to not only the forms used at the time of filing a fresh application but also other forms such as requesting foreign filing permit, working of patent etc.  Renewal fee payment can also be made through this system.
As we all know, the old e-filing system had a provision of filing fresh application only. Neither did it accept filing of a complete application pursuant to provisional application nor did it facilitate the filing of other forms post-filing. The new filing system enables the filing of all forms.
It is a complete web based filing procedure and has a provision for dual login (either by password or digital sign). It is fully automated and aims at minimizing transaction errors that occur at the time of filing.
Apart from transaction errors such as non-generation of filing receipts, even gross errors that can happen when you are filing an application can be avoided. Until now we manually entered important details like jurisdiction. With this new system, upon entry of applicant details, the system generates the jurisdiction.
Further, another important and appreciated highlight of the new system is management of personal folders which would save drafted applications and also show us application history i.e forms filed for the concerned application.
However, following things have to be kept in mind:
•The older version of e-filing cannot be used beyond 31-12-2012.
•Existing user-id and password cannot be used to login to the comprehensive e-filing system
•Registration for comprehensive e-filing system is required. Valid digital signatures can be used to register the new version.
•Only forms provided in the second schedule of The Patents Act, 1970 are available.
The remarkable growth in e-filing of applications since 2007 stimulated the introduction of this enhanced filing system. After various pre-launch discussions, this much awaited system was launched on 15th December 2012 and is already appreciated for being an improvement over the old e-filing system.
Contributed by: Nisha Kurian
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