diwali firecrackers

A Novel Diwali

Deepavali (Diwali) also known as “Festival of lights” is loaded with lots of wishes and fun. Deepavali is not complete without crackers. One has to be cautious while bursting crackers. Here is an interesting invention for making very festive season safe and memorable.
We found an Indian patent (IN235691) titled “Remote fire cracker ignitor” for safe bursting of crackers. Here is a breif description of the patent.
The invention provides an arc unit with a hole to insert the thread of the cracker. Any person standing at safe distance can use any Infrared (IR) remote to send signals to the arc unit and the arc unit produces high voltage enough to produce corona arcing to ignite the thread inserted in to the arc plug. The carbonization and other deposits produced result of ignition can be manually cleaned by removing the arc plug.
One can use even an ordinary TV remote to ignite the cracker kept at some distance.Lets hope that the invention not just addresses safety issues but also offers enjoyable and memorable experience every festive season. What could be a better way to welcome the festival of lights?
SiNApSE wishes all its readers a Happy Diwali!!
Contributed by: Raghu
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