SiNApSE IP Review (April 11- 18, 2012)

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Patent Recap

Germany is considered to be the birthplace of the automobile since late 1870′s when Karl Benz and Nikolaus Otto independently developed four-stroke internal combustion engines. Germany has the largest share of passenger car production in Europe with over 29% market share, followed by France (18%), Spain (13%) and the United Kingdom (9%). Nearly six million vehicles are produced in Germany each year, and approximately 5.5 million are produced overseas by German brands. Germany is placed 4th among automobile manufacturers in the world after US, China and Japan…

IPRs- Right to Protect or Right to Attack?

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is an area of Law that is meant to protect rights of those who create original works, and hence are said to encourage innovators and thereby innovations. But recent trends in IP world prompt me to think from a different perspective. I feel, wrong strategies from companies and consequent wrong applications of IPR are discouraging innovators from giving birth to new innovations!!! Well, let me explain the point to you…
Copyright Recap

Producer and Director of “Fashion” Lands in Copyright Issues

Actor-turned-author Seema Seth has filed a complaint against Bollywood filmmaker, Madhur Bhandarkar, for allegedly stealing the plot and idea for his film Fashion that released on October 29, 2008, from her book, ‘El Dorado’. Her book was published three months prior to the release of the film.
Trademarks Recap
After a long time, World’s renowned internet service provider, Google has obtained control over the Gmail trademark in Germany and the legal battle for the related domain name is also settled with respect to the same name…
According to latest WIPO’s repot, 2011 saw the highest number of international trademark applications ever filed under WIPO’s Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks (“Madrid system”) with 42,270 applications, or a 6.5 % increase compared to 2010…

A Ray of Light for Small Businesses Entangled in Trademark Issues

Students at William Mitchell College of Law have done something different. They have crafted a bill that would protect small businesses from trademark bullying. Wondering what trademark bullying is?…
Geographical Indications Recap

Indian Tea Makers Raise Concern Over Dilution of Darjeeling Tea

Several Indian tea makers had lodged complaints in Russia against alleged dilution of Geographical Indication (GI) of Darjeeling tea, Assam tea and Nilgiris tea through mixing of these teas with other varieties of teas…
General Recap
It has become almost a routine affair for movies and music labels to land into Copyright tussles. In the present “Copyrighted” era, music and movie licensing has become a crucial factor for success and avoiding legal hassles…
SiNApSE Team is happy to inform its followers that Dr. Kalyan’s work on Fundamentals of IP entitled, ‘FUN IP‘, has been published as an ebook. After publishing three books on patent law, which include, Genetic Patent Law, Indian Patent Law and Asian Patent Law, all of which have been well received, Dr. Kalyan has now  written a work intellectual property basics for all persons interested in getting a bird’s eye view of basic concepts, recent trends and practices…


Copyright to Entertainment!

“The law of copyright rests on a very clear principle : that anyone who by his or her own skill and labour creates an original work of whatever character shall, for a limited period, enjoy an exclusive right to copy that work. No one else may, for a season, reap what the copyright owner has sown.” 
- Lord Bingham of Cornhill in Designers Guild Ltd v Russell Williams (Textiles) Ltd. 2001….

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