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Producer and Director of "Fashion" Lands in Copyright Issues

Actor-turned-author Seema Seth has filed a complaint against Bollywood filmmaker, Madhur Bhandarkar, for allegedly stealing the plot and idea for his film Fashion that released on October 29, 2008, from her book, ‘El Dorado’. Her book was published three months prior to the release of the film.

Seth told the Court that, “All the plot and the idea has been stolen from the said book wherein the story begins in Kolkata where an aspiring model wishes to go to Mumbai but her father opposes and mother supports”. She also added that if one carefully read the book and compared it to the movie, it would reveal that the script was entirely taken from her book without her permission. She told the Court that  she has been harassed on several occasions, after she had sent legal notices to the filmmaker. These threats also led her to quit her job, make her lawyers leave her case, thereafter having to represent herself, all of which has put her in a stressful situation. She also said that the local police officers were not helping her and refused to allow her to file an FIR.

Since the matter contained copyright issues, Metropolitan Magistrate, Colette Rashmi Kujur, transferred the matter to a special court dealing exclusively with the Indian Copyright Act.

The filmmaker, amused by the copyright infringement case, tweeted, “Now someone has gone to court for the copyright infringement of my film Fashion after 4 years and demanding Rs 2.5 crores”. He also posted that the legal courts and writers associations had previously dismissed allegations that his other films, ‘Page 3’, `Traffic Signal` and `Jail` had copied concepts from others.

Will the filmmaker be lucky enough to avoid the copyright infringement allegation for this film as well? Lets wait and watch!

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