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Patent Recap
Patent Trolling is indeed a remunerative fad apart from being a’ rage’. It’s also turning out to be the easiest way to make quick bucks, many of those quick bucks rather.

For once, it should probably be lauded for they have highlighted the largest of loopholes that companies seem to have over-looked on their march to success. However, what should also be observed in the midst of all of this is they also highlighted in very real terms what a travesty the patent system has become these days. The company that does nothing gets rich and the company that innovated has slowed down. Especially, when all you need to do is find descriptions of that invention that date back to before the patent was filed…
The World Intellectual Property Organization, which administers the global patent pact, reported that 2011 saw a 10 percent rise in applications to a total of 181,900. International filings for patent protection remains a key indicator of technological innovation in major economies, hit an all-time record last year driven by growth in China and other middle- income countries…
Copyright Recap
Recently a US District Court ordered shut down of the popular file sharing site after the US government accused the site of pocketing more than $175 million by sharing pirated films, books, music and software files. Kim Dotcom, the founder of the site was arrested in New Zealand and his Auckland mansion with a fleet of luxury cars were put on display. The US Government has alleged that the estimated loss to copyright owners and publishers accounts for more than $500 million…
Capital Film Works Ltd., the makers of the Tamil box office success “Aranya Kaandam” were restrained from releasing the Telugu and Hindi version of the Film by the Madras High Court last week, following a plea by the script writer Thiagarajan Kumararaja.
Mr. Kumararaja, the original script writer for the movie, had apparently granted only limited rights in the script unlike the common industry practice of assigning the entire copyrights in the script to the producers. Since, the producers were not granted the rights of translation of the script and its adaptation into other versions, producing Hindi and Tamil versions without the script writer’s permission amounted to copyright infringement…
Trademarks Recap
Urban Outfitters Inc., an apparel chain has been sued by native American tribe, Navajo for trademark infringement. The textile chain manufactured pullovers, feather earrings, underwears and so on under the brand name ‘Navajo’.  The suit was filed in the U.S District Court last week. The tribe initially filed a cease and desist notice against Urban Outfitters asking them to stop manufacturing products under the tribe’s name. The suit alleged the apparel chain of violating the Indian Arts and Crafts Act. The law suit further accuses the defendants’ act of using the tribes name to market liquor as outrageous as this is against the tribal laws…
General Recap
Controller General of Patents, Trademarks and Designs, Shri P.H Kurien (IAS) will vacate his office on 12th of March, 2012. He will be succeeded by Chaitanya Prasad, who is also an IAS officer. Chaitanya Prasad presently works with the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion.

Shri P.H Kurien, known for his bold and effective strategy has taken considerable efforts in bringing about reforms in the IP scenario in India. He has greatly contributed towards increasing transparency and efficiency in the patent office. He was appointed for a period of five years, but has resigned before completion of his term. He is the first IAS officer to be appointed as Controller General of Patents, Trademarks and Designs…
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